3 Things (You Need to Know): New Voter Registration Law

by Brad Schaeppi
March 17, 2016
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1.  Councilmember sponsored this new legislation.

Despite whether or not you’ve written a check at one of Councilmember Jacob Frey‘s fancy fundraising events sponsored by local developers, Councilmember Frey sponsored this legislation that requires you to do, a rental licensee, to do more work.  Minnesota Mutlifamily Housing Association worked closely to soften the terms, but there was little opposition last summer/fall by multifamily owners, with the clear exception of Mark Jossart.  If you have feedback for Councilmember Frey, you can SEND HIM AN EMAIL.

2.  It’s the law and went into effect March 1st, 2016.

If you own licensed residential rental property in , you should have received THIS LETTER in the mail.  A link to the City of Minneapolis Election and Voter Services Page with need to know steps can be found HERE.  The law applies to each NEW tenant, NOT EXISTING.

3.  You must print and deliver documents at the time of Occupancy ().

You must print and deliver the following  Informational Packet (there are four language versions located HERE).  I recommend having the tenant sign or acknowledge receipt of this at Move-In as to avoid any potential issue with the City, Legal Aid Landlord Default Claim, or Bad Faith Tenant.

Questions?  Contact InvestProp.  We are happy to help!

Thanks again for reading and stay tuned for more great content at InvestProp.com.

-Brad Schaeppi, founder and CEO.

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