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Brad Schaeppi

Real Estate Broker, Attorney, & City councilmember

InvestProp understands some multifamily investors want full service others do not. Our business model is set up to meet all investor needs. Heck, let us know you have your own off market deal and Bradley will represent you for a low flat transaction fee as an attorney without a commission.

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Tired of expensive multifamily broker commissions?

InvestProp offers a range of flat listing fees and low commissions to suit each and every scenario. We are even happy to list your commercial multifamily property with no $0 buy side commission so you can keep more cash at closing. 

Want to buy multifamily, but never managed? No problem.

InvestProp and its affiliates Minnesota Landlord Law, PLLC and Minnesota Landlord Forms, LLC are all managed by Bradley Schaeppi.  InvestProp and/or its affiliates can deliver on a DIY or turn key property management solution.

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