InvestProp’s Seller First process will sell your multifamily property for less commission to the highest & best-qualified buyer.

“Trust” and “broker” are rarely used in the same sentence. Not true for InvestProp. InvestProp’s Seller First process utilizes our proprietary cloud-based sales systems and automatic Seller notifications to keep Sellers informed and on track.

Brad Schaeppi

Real Estate Broker, Attorney, & City Councilmember

InvestProp understands some multifamily investors want full-service others do not.  Our business model meets all investor needs.  Heck, let us know you have your own off-market deal and Bradley will represent you for a low flat transaction fee as an attorney without a commission.

As an Attorney:

As a Broker:

Helping Multifamily Investors Buy, Sell, & Manage Since 2011

InvestProp does One-Stop-Shop like no other brokerage.

Organized database of qualified, geo and price organized buyers and sellers.

High detail checklists to avoid unnecessary pitfalls and mistakes.

Optional, on the fly legal services by Bradley’s solo real estate law practice of Minnesota Landlord Law, PLLC.

Keep More Cash at Closing

  • Pay less in Broker commission
  • Sell your multifamily property for highest market price
  • Let InvestProp weed out bad offers and unqualified buyers

Thinking about selling?

Our client-first process produces results fast.

Request Your Multifamily Property Valuation

An accurate market value of your mulitfamily property cannot be obtained via algorithm.  It is a reflection of 3 major components:  

  1. property condition (in-unit, common area, and capital) 
  2. property financials (NOI, rent roll, etc.) 
  3. market factors (market rent, total units, floor plans, value add opportunities, etc.)

Select a Listing Price, On or Off Market, Campaign Timeline / Strategy, & Sign a Broker Listing Agreement

A common but accurate critique of brokers is “price it high and let it die” translation: tell a client the property is worth sky high value to secure listing, then feed the client price reduction excuses until it sells. Not at InvestProp. Each listed property comes with its own campaign sales strategy complete with timelines.

InvestProp Markets Your Property to its Proprietary, Qualified Investor Database and Sales Platforms.

Yes you can hire a broker to list the property only on MLS or Loopnet who waits for the phone to ring….Not InvestProp. Successful sales is a combination of throwing a wide net to catch new fish passing through, but also spearfishing to directly source the most logical buyer(s) who are known buyers for your specific property type.

Review All Offers

All InvestProp offers are submitted through our Seller First Offer Portal. The second we receive an offer, so do you the client. Our Offer Portal was purposefully designed to help sift through tire kicker offers to identify qualified offers and save you time. InvestProp reviews all offers from the Buyer’s track record to the on-time track record of the Buyer’s lender.

Buyer Due Diligence & Appraisal

Another common phrase in the business is “Buyers are Liars:” Place a building under contract with a plan to renegotiate price at the close of due diligence when the Buyer has more leverage. InvestProp will guide you through this critical process from a reply of “Pound Sand” toa highly detailed counter offer strategy accounting for back up offers, strength of market, additional deferred maintenance bids, etc.


Another good adage is “don’t assume.” Don’t assume the Buyer is on-track for closing on time. Don’t assume the closing statement is accurate. Don’t assume the Seller is transferring all tenant security deposits. Closings require smart, experienced multifamily brokers to go all-in during the closing process to protect the Seller’s proceeds from sharks seeking a final pound of Seller flesh (money and time).

Get started today and request a valuation.

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