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HELP! How do I look up the rental license history?

Multifamily owners and investors. If you have purchased multifamily, chances are you’ve looked up the rental license history of a property.  If not, it is a good habit to get into (as a note a good multifamily broker provides this service).  Whether you are horse trading with your neighbor or working through brokers, one …

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Stop Seller! Don’t auto-check that assessment box!

Minnesota Multifamily Owners and Investors: When most sellers of real estate think of special assessments, they think of those large 5-20 year assessment projects–new street sewer, new street surface, sidewalk repair, etc. If you own property in St. Paul, Minnesota, you know that there 2 specific annual “charges” or “assessments” during the calendar year: …

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Sell without a TISH in St. Paul.

Agents and Buyers often ask InvestProp–“Why is there no TISH?”  “I don’t understand”  “What do you mean certificate of occupancy is valid–NO TISH?”   Well, the short answer for St. Paul is, if the duplex you own has a valid certificate of occupancy (“CO”), or is even in the queue to be inspected and …

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